We are a family owned and operated business located in North Vancouver, BC. We pride ourselves on producing internationally awarded hand crafted spirits. Our commitment is to never sacrifice quality for quantity. Join our family and get a taste of premium small batch quality beverages.

Stealth Wheat Vodka

40% alc/vol

Single grain spirit with exceptionally clean taste and smooth finish. Subtle notes of sweet grain with a crisp body. Great mixing vodka for just about any cocktail you can think of.

Stealth West Coast Rum - Toasted Coconut

40% alc/vol

Fresh off the still, this is our newest spirit offering! Extremely smooth Rum spirit infused with toasted organic coconut. Bring the island vibes to the West Coast by mixing this spirit in your favourite tropical cocktail.

Stealth Corn Vodka

40% alc/vol

Made with 100% organic corn grown in the interior of BC. Naturally sweeter and well rounded spirit. Creamy body with a lovely dry finish. Upgrade your favourite cocktail with this organic gluten free alternative or serve neat.

The Stealth brand has been around for more than a decade. Since it’s inception, the goal has always been to offer the best quality vodka at an affordable price point. This vision continues to shape who we are today. As we expand our product offerings and grow our business, we never stray from what we are rooted in - create expertly crafted spirits that everyone can enjoy.

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Expertly crafted internationally awarded spirits - take a shot at what small batch and proudly Canadian truly tastes like.
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